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Wiring question? Answered

Hi everyone. Long time visitor of Instructables, made a few items I've seen and my most recent project was adding a star power pedal to my guitar hero controller. I bought a audio extension cable with a male and female jack, 1/8th size. I cut the cable about six inches from the female end. I stripped about an inch, inside was a bundle of copper wire wrapped around a clear insulted wire. I twisted the exposed copper wire and tinned it, I stripped the clear housing and twisted it, tinning them as well. I tinned the exposed wire to the GND, and the clear to Select. Positioned the jack and everything went well. I took the male cable, connected it to momentary switch and connected the male cable to the female jack. Turned on the system and controller. Got star power and hit the switch with no response. I'm very confident in my soldering and know I did it correctly, so I was wondering: 1) Are these kind of cables capable of doing what I intend? 2) Maybe the GND or the Select button are shorted out on the board of the controller? Thanks for any help everyone!



10 years ago

. For a simple switch closure, the type of wire shouldn't be that important. I would have used unshielded twisted pair (UTP) - just two wires that have a twist to them to reduce induced signals (picture telephone or Ethernet pairs) - but the coax you used should work. . Which wire is grounded shouldn't matter for your switch, but the outside braid/shield is used when coax is actually called for (audio cables, &c). . I suspect that either: 1) You have a short. Use an ohmmeter on the male end. Should read infinite when the switch is open and zero (or very close) when closed. 2) Bad solder joint (open circuit). Use ohmmeter. Should read close to zero when switch is closed.

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Ah what a detailed explanation and care for fellow users. This is why I love instructables. Thank you very much for the input NachoMahma!