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Wiring the L293D correctly? Answered

i bought 2 l293d's for a dollar and i wanted to use them to control a rc i have tested multiple wiring but it seems the motor doesnt move ic doesn't get hot :) and there is no response i tried with led still no response i am sure there is nothing wrong with the driver just the wiring can some please give a schematic


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Best Answer 5 years ago

You got it for a good price. These devices are current limited at around 1/2 an amp (600 mA)

In my experience pin 1 should be connected to +5 volts as should pin 9

Pin 8 can have a suitable voltage for the motors your using which may or may not be 5 volts.

You can connect to 4 switches to try things out. A data sheet will show you how.


Answer 5 years ago

Using the numbers on the diagram IF 1 is high and 2 low the motor will go one way. IF 2 is high and 1 is low it will turn the other way.

If both inputs are high or Both are low then the motor is stopped.

This is best done with a micro controller the output can be directly connected to the relevant pin on the L293D although you could use switches as long as you ensure when the switch is open the input is pulled low (use a 10 K resistor.)