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Witch transistor should i choose for low noise audio ? Answered

Hello , im making a guitar pedal .The original schematic use transistor BC107B (epitaxial NPN) but i dont have it.so i find some other NPN transistor to replace it. I have 2N3903 ,2SC1815,2N3904 , but witch should i choose for low noise application ?

in their datasheet i found the "NF : noise figure" , the lower NF mean lower noise ??

BC107B         NF  Typ.= 2  Max.= 10
2N3903          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 6
2N3904          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 5
2SC1815       NF  Typ.= 1  Max.= 10

Thanks for advance!

sorry for my bad English.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes, pretty well. There is usually another figure, nV/ sqrt(Hz) which you can also look for a low value in.
the 3904 is best of the ones you selected.