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With a netbook, is RAID 0ing the internal SSD and an SD card a good idea? Answered

I've just gotten a netbook with an 8gb SSD, and it has a built-in SD card slot.
If I put an 8gb class 10 SD card into the slot, would I be able to RAID 0 them?
What would happen if I RAID 0ed them and then took the SD card out while it was on? Would it erase everything or would it just shut down?

Would this work?

I need 16gb of internal storage, and a 16gb SSD drive is over 70% the price of the netbook....

I'm thinking either Hackintosh or Peppermint OS or Windows XP as the operating system.

Any other comments?


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9 years ago

no it wouldn't. an ssd is much higher bandwidth than even a class 10 sd card and they are very different. One is connected though a sata port, the other is connected through who knows what.