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With ebay I am protected when I buy internationally because if I don't recieve it I can just say I didn't get it, right? Answered

I want to buy a peltier module to make a fridge for my locker to keep my lunch cold, but the only place to get one cheap is on ebay, from Hong Kong.  This is what I am looking at: Peltier Module.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hong Kong eBayers are usually pretty good, and are usually big enough outfits they can afford to just refund you directly when you contact them without having to get eBay involved. If you're choosing between multiple Hong Kong sellers with essentially the same product for essentially the same price, go with the highest feedback % score, because they're the people most likely to take care of you if the order goes awry.

Also, don't expect fast shipping. Hong Kong Post is abysmally slow. The last item I bought from Hong Kong shipped from the warehouse within days of my purchase, then sat in a HKP shipping center for a month and a half with tons (literally, many tons) of packages when they attempted to crack down on exports not paying taxes. The seller offered to refund my money, but HKP finally released the packages and it became a non-issue.


8 years ago

Maybe. Ebay are not a push over - otherwise everyone would claim they never received it and get their money back. So I guess they are looking for some kind of "proof"

e.g. many people claiming the seller isn't supplying or a clear failure in the system.