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With gambling soon being OK'd in MD, will you be able to win prizes off of say, 1vs100 LIVE? Answered

  Alright, so I'm sure many of you saw my comments griping about not getting Xbox Live. Well, my dad finally succumbed to my begging, and said that he'll set up a home network for my house, if I got him the router and the adapter for the 360. I'm excited, and I think he may be, too, because when we set up a network, he can use his laptop online without having to transfer files or connect to a finicky, unlock wireless access point. Anyway, I noticed that you get 1vs100 Live with a gold subscription, but, it also says you can't win MSpoints off of it if you live in Maryland or a couple other states. Our state legislature passed a gambling bill(they're putting in some slots/tables near a mall that happens to be in my county), so I'm wondering if that'll let you win prizes off of games on the internet.


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