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"Within Reach" Movie needs your help! Answered

The Instructables community being what it is, I'm certain you'll find value in this project, and want to lend a hand. The couple making the film are fantastic people I'm pleased to count among my friends, and I'm completely amazed at the level of personal commitment they've demonstrated in making this documentary. Here is a quote from their Kickstarter page. 

Within Reach Movie documents a pedal-powered search for a place to call home in a sustainable community. Mandy and Ryan traded in their house and cars for a tent and bicycles to "bike-pack" 6,500 around the USA to visit 100 sustainable communities, looking around as they looked within. This journey and film has answers to the questions many of us are wondering: "Is it possible for all of us to live in a sustainable way?”, “what would the world look like if each of us simply did what we loved?” After circling the country, and talking with over 20,000 people they have found that not only is it possible but this is already underway. 

Here is the trailer so you can check it out! 


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9 years ago

Kickstarter is an amazing community. Single-handedly changing the creative economy.

When you pledge to a project on Kickstarter (or Become a Backer! as they call it) then you not only are supporting your project buuut you get really awesome rewards...

This project offered rewards like special thank you cards, credits in the film, one-of-a-kind art prints or a special edition DVD.

The DVD includes footage and interviews with leaders in the sustainability movement including Bill McKibben, Richard Heinberg and Diana Leafe Christian.