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Wolf hoodie? Answered

I'm wanting to make a costume for Halloween, the idea is called Little Miss Slaughter Hood, the idea is red riding hood with the wolf as a hood, i want to create a hood/cloak to look like a wolf head with just the top jaw and head as the hood. Any help as to how to make this would be awesome!!!



9 years ago

It sounds almost like a Penobscot Indian hunting hood. Try the book "Wildwoods Wisdom" by Elsworth Jager. Maybe try Acrylic Pile fake fur.

Wolf Seril

10 years ago

I would start by getting one of those werewolf masks from a halloween store. Then I would simply cut off from the mouth to the front of the neck and sew it on to the hoodie or glue it using fabric glue or shoe goo. Interesting idea. If you do it, make sure to take pictures and make an instructable!