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Women in Computer Science Answered

there was a great article in this week's san francisco bay guardian about the interdisciplinary computer science program at mills college. the program is aim at students that would like to pursue a masters or phd in cs but did not study cs as an undergrad.

link to program

link to article


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Jezza Bear
Jezza Bear

14 years ago

That is interesting. I Lecture at the University of London in England. The degree system is very different to the USA but students can do a Masters Degree who have not taken a Batchelors. For people to do this they must first prove that they have a good background professionally and experience. Hence why there are a lot of mid thirty to 40 year olds. I have done exactly that and will be doing a PhD very soon...oh I am male BTW but there are women in the programme but they tend to move towards the psycology aspect of computing. Thanks for the link