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Wood working Answered

I want to know what wood working tools i shuld have and what bran


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10 years ago

Depends on what kind of woodworking you want to do. My usual advice when someone asks about tools is to tell them to pick a project, figure out what tools they will need in order to complete that project (asking a more experienced woodworker can help in picking appropriate projects that don't require too much investment), buy those tools, build the project, and repeat. Buying too many tools too soon means you have less money to spend on wood to build projects with.

For small projects, or if you're patient, or if you want to work in an apartment where noise would bother your neighbors, hand tools will do just about everything power tools will -- though an electric drill is worth having. (Especially if noise is a concern -- predrilling and using screws is quieter than driving nails, and often stronger.)

As far as brands go: Be aware that many brands make several lines of tools, one line for folks whose primary criterion is "cheap" and who are only going to use the tools a few times a year, and another which is aimed at more serious users, costing more and worth it. Again, depending on what you plan to do, the cheap tool may be OK but the more expensive one is likely to work better and last longer, so may cost you less in the long run. So you really need to decide what you want, and what you need, and *then* look for reviews/advice.

If you have a store near you that caters to serious woodworkers -- branches of Rockler and Woodcrafter are near me, there are lots of others -- it's worth going in and asking them. The folks who work in those stores generally do so because they're woodworkers themselves, and love to talk about the craft and the tools and ideas for projects. They may try to push you toward a tool that's better than you need right now, but if you're clear about what your skill level is and what you want to do they can offer a lot of good advice.

Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper

10 years ago

I find these tools necessary:
Miter saw
Crown Stapler
Wood Glue
Nail Gun
Skill Saw
Table Saw

The type of brand is up to you if I were you though I would buy good quality tools because they are worth it in the long run.


Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper

Answer 10 years ago

You can look at this really cool instructable, it might give you some ideas!