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Woodworking angles and edges Answered

Hello, I'm working with some plywood to create the Swords used by the Character Kirito in the Anime Sword Art Online. I've done some woodwork before but my main trouble is that i don't know how to create edges on the wood so that it actually has a blade-edge of sorts. so does anyone have tips to go from having you wood like this:
_________  <---top of wood
................| <---side of wood
                  ^-------bottom of wood
to this?
___ <---top
..........\ <----edge on side

all comments appriciated


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Reply 7 years ago

good,i like it . ESKY



7 years ago

I think what you are asking is how to create a beveled edge where one surface will taper to the edge. Draw your guideline on the surface to mark where the flatness drops off and that flows to the edge. You now need to remove the material by using powertools like a router or table saw set to cut off that angle or old fashioned hard work with a sharp plane, wood rasps, files, surform tools or just a lot of sanding. Use a straightedge or the tool to check the angle when held up to the light and guide you when you are getting close to the perfect bevel and see which spots still need to be cut or sanded down. It is really the same process as grinding down metal for a real sword. Good luck.