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Work table/bench for working on lawn mowers Answered

I've searched here and elsewhere without any luck. I'm looking for a design for making a table/bench about 20 inches high for use in working on lawnmowers and other items that require a lot of bending or stooping to reach. I'm nearly 80yo and have a pinched sciatic nerve in my back. I can't stoop or kneel (replaced joints in knees and hip) for any length of time without painful consequences. I'd use a stool or chair while working.

In the vein of not re-inventing the wheel, I thought I'd ask around before attempting my own design. Two important features are 1) a ramp or hoist to raise and lower the mower/whatever; 2) a lazy susan type table top. I don't have a welder so the thing would have to be made of wood.



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1 year ago

I might have a basic idea....
Assuming you have no problems making a suitable and sturdy table at the right:
You can get electric gate openers.
Basically just a linear actuator where a motor drives a spindle in and out - with endstops.
The medium sized ones should be strong enough to lift a mover.
Most are relatively short but you can get them up to a lenght of about 1m if need be.

For the double movement:
I would mount the motor part under the table and have the moving part inside a piece of square, steel tubing.
Said steel piece shall be of suitable inner diameter to hold a stubby axle.
You can get wheel hubs with these stubby axle in the auto supply shops quite cheap.
The gate opener should come with the mounting bit that goes on the gate - use this to weld or screw onto the bottom of the stubby axle.
Instead of a wheel you screw a suitably sized table top or so onto the wheel hub and complet the lazy susan.
If you buy a kit then you should even get some push buttons and a power supply with the gate opener.
If required then please include something to prevent the susan from spinning, like a clamp, pin or so.