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Working on Merit Megatouch monitors? Answered

In trying to repair Merit Megatouch monitors I have ran into two problems. First they will lose hozornal size control. Second, at the top of the screen there is a place that is all squeezed together. These are type-66 monitors. I have had good luck on most other problems with just testing the eletorlicit caps. I do not have a way to check scramic or titanium caps. I have not found where I can get a schematic of these monitors. Any help would greatly aperashate. Forgive my spelling, I am much better at eletronic repair.


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Joe Martin
Joe Martin

11 years ago

I'm afraid I can't help for there but the guys over at Build Your Own Arcade Controls Forum is who you want.

They have a monitor forum so if you post your problem over there with pictures of the screen powered on and of the mainboard they be able to get it working for you no problem!