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Working on my Masters Thesis Answered


I’m currently working on my Masters at Simon Fraser University, in the SIAT department.

As part of my graduate research, I’m looking into the structure, content, and presentation of DIY tutorials. To do this, I’ve taken one very well-known DIY tutorial, and converted it into twelve unique formats.

I’m hoping to have as many experienced DIY tutorial authors look though the modified tutorials I’ve made; then try imagining using them as formats for presenting projects they’ve made in the past, or are thinking of making in the future; and once that’s done, getting their feedback.

If you’re interested in participating, I’ll give you access to the tutorials for a week, so you can look though them and get acquainted with each. At the end of the week, I will send you an online form with a couple of questions relating to your preferences, opinions, and overall thoughts of those tutorials.

If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you very much!




Reply 3 years ago

Oh no. My research is going in the complete opposite direction from what they're suggesting. I actually really don't like the idea of "global, unified structure" for DIY tutorials.

But thank you so much for that link. I'd forgotten about that, and it's perfect fodder for the reasoning and purpose of the way I'm making them.


3 years ago

I can't imagine being able to write up the same project in twelve formats!


Reply 3 years ago

hahahaha...Oh, just wait until you see it! There are so many other formats I wanted to try...but time/knowledge made it a bit not useful to pursue those.