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Would a high wheel bike generate be more efficient than a typical stationary bike generator? Answered

High wheel bikes have a bigger wheel that would turn the generator more often per pedal.   right?

Would there be a greater mechanical advantage? or would it just increase the work load like going into a higher gear?



7 years ago

Steve is most correct, there is no free commoner lunch.
Speed is unimportant for power out  but there are weight ramifications.



7 years ago

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. The generator can be designed to be efficient at any speed ! Bike generators (are they alternators ?) usually aren't very well designed.


7 years ago

looking at it from a different angle, since a stationary bike does not use up energy from the rider to remain balanced a stationary bike gen. would be more efficient all other things being equal. It would be ahead of the game by them amount of energy the high wheel bike used up just moving and keeping balanced.