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Would a joule thief work on a lager scale like 20 plus 1.5 volt batteries at a time? Answered

At my dads work they throw away barely used D and C batteries I would like to use them to power and charge devices.


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11 years ago

Yes,it is possible to wire up any amount of batteries in a series-parallel wiring for a joule thief circuit, which can be used to charge other(rechargeable)batteries.The advantage for series-parallel circuit is that it has maximum efficiency, compared to a normal series or parallel wiring.On a normal parallel wiring,a weak battery would drain all other batteries in the line,thus decreasing efficiency.

First follow my diagram and wire up the 7 batteries as shown.Then make a joule thief circuit. A good one for charging batteries is https://www.instructables.com/id/Joule_Thief_Charger/. To expand my diagram, just keep adding more batteries in my pattern until you have about 20 batteries.Simple! An open circuit of 20 batteries on joule thief can power upto 100 LEDs depending on power left in the batteries! Just add resistor befoe the Leds,or they will burn and get destroyed.Have Fun!!