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Would anyone like a company for students to make money selling things we like - apparel, accessories, electronics? Answered

Would anyone be interested in a company geared for students to make money selling things we like - apparel, accessories, electronics? I have found tons of companies that say they are for students to earn money while in school but none of them were something I would use. I tried selling phone service, but found that it was a bad product. I have and had friends that sold Cutco, but none of us use kitchen cutlery, so that left us to roaming the neighborhood and selling to parents and adults. I started selling watches to my friends and classmates and was fairly profitable. The isses I came across when selling the watches were finding a decent watch, multiple designs or styles (no one wanted to be wearing the same watch as the next guy) and having enough money to buy inventory and sell the inventory before I can buy other styles. I am interested in finding out if there are any other people interested in a company that is geared for students so we can make money buying and selling things that we like and would use ourselves, like watches.



8 years ago

I think it could work well. If you make some of the things yourself, you could charge a little extra to have something customized. If you do something like jewelery, make one for yourself, get some people to notice it and ask for one, and make your products a trend. Start charging money for them. It worked great for some of my friends.


8 years ago

Some time ago I suggested to some friends that we put together a kit of parts and instructions for making jewellery - the business model was to sell to students on a sale or return basis, 1st kit provided upfront and then further materials provided on the basis that they use some of the income from the initial kick start to pay for the follow up,.

Universities and colleges being god captive audiences, and the jewellery set is easy to modify to make many different results from similar components.

A kind of self financing franchise. For various reasons it didn't take off.


8 years ago

That type of selling is often a bit dodgy, people can find their market saturated with a load of unsold stock on their hands (then everyone gets perfume for Christmas...)
Start your own business instead.