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Would it be possible to make a fish tank from a plastic storage container? Answered

About a year ago I bought a 10 gallon fish tank for about 10 bucks and 3 small comet feeder goldfish. I had a spare filter and some gravel then tossed in some hides. It look great but now that the fish are about 3-4 inches each I decided they would like a slightly larger tank. I don't want to spend 50 plus dollars for another tank. I was talking to another fish owner the other day and mentioned a large   plastic storage container, He said he had used one and built a wooden box around it to support it. My idea is to buy a 30 gallon storage container or cheap plastic pond and build a wooden frame around it then spray great stuff in the gaps for support. How does this sound? I have a desk with a couple cricket keepers on and a leopard gecko. I planned to put wheels on it so I can slide it in and out of the space under the desk. I have a light that I can mount to the bottom of the desk. Does this sound like it would be okay or a disaster waiting to happen. 



8 years ago

Will you be able to afford a larger bubbler/filter?  What about giving away one or two of the fish to reduce the bio-load on the tank you have?  Are you wanting a large fish tank that you have to roll in and out to see the fish in it?  What about buying a second 10 gallon tank rather than a larger tank?  Have you checked craigslist for used tanks?


Answer 8 years ago

I dont know who would want them, I have not had the filter on in 3 months due to different issues and they have been fine, im fine rolling it in and out, its basically a small pond that can be moved. I could buy another 10 gallon but I prefer to have them in 1 tank for the reason of cleaning, feeding, and they seem to live longer when kept in groups. Also I dont use craigslist because of the idiots running around on it.