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Would someone help me learning how to project a Handheld controller PCB diagram Answered

Well, I am a beginner in electronics, all I know is the basics, but I want to go further. I decided to learn it after looking for some Chinese emulation handheld (and after someone stole my PSP, as well lol), and even thought functionally they are interesting, the money I'd pay wouldn't worth for something that looks like a cheap PSP or something in the shadow of a Nintendo (and that annoying clicky bottoms...). I know they're already in the shadows of many things as long as they are emulators, but everything has limits haha. Wasn't only because of the design, even though I think this is important (well, I am a desiner, or something close, that's why) but after landing in a technology site (I don't know how, but thanks God), I found out I could make my own portable emulator, cheaper, with an originaler design, and more important, way more powerful, even not being into electronics. I got into this, ordered all the components I need (I am just waiting that half eternity you gotta wait when order anything from China), but I didn't stop researching and getting more interested in this stuff. Now, all I want is to make the project as refined as I could. I could pay somebody to make the projects, but I wouldn't be learning with that, so better do it in my favourite way, the punk way, doing it myself, also because I learn better this way, with a purpose. All I want is to learn how to make my own circuit boards, cause in a future, I want to make its own motherboard, but let's do it a step by time. For now, I wanted to learn how to project a PCB for the controller, and if you guys could help me with that it'd be great, not only for my project, but for my learning as well. The case is already done, as I said, I'm just waiting stuff to arrive. I'll show you it's gonna look like. Btw, any kind of help is welcome! Thanks by now, and sorry for all the small talk until my point lol :D


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How much does you services cost mate?