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Would this Audio mixer be able to be converted to be fully portable/battery operated? Answered

Hi there,

Im wondering if it would be possible to convert this audio mixer: http://www.alesis.com/multimix8usb in to being battery operated. 

It currently runs from an 18V AC external transformer. 

Im completely lost on the matter and any and all help would be much appreciated! :)




6 years ago

  • Is that the wall-wart print spec ?
  • Your no-load measurement  ?
  • Actual measurement in operation ?

Since the transformer is external and it is AC input.
That means there is a rectifier and regulator inside that unit
and it can also run on DC.

All you need is to put three 6V batteries in series to power it.

Yea, well.... until you call them and find out the current it draws,
I cannot specify the size of battery.


Answer 6 years ago

....assuming they don't create a split supply internally.


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks for the help - I am actually waiting on the mixer to be delivered and should be able to provide further detail when it does.

Thanks again


6 years ago

The power brick for that unit offers it 18VAC through 2 channels rated at 700mA. The 18VAC is fairly typical for mixers like that.

To upgrade it to battery power you'll need to open the unit up and find the voltage regulator circuit inside the unit. Often this is found on a small board attached to the base of the unit while the rest of the boards and components are attached to the top of the unit.

See the first instructable listed to the right. It's an upgrade i did to ad USB audio input from my PC without using extra cables. It will give you an idea of what you'll see when you open the unit up. Yes it's not the same brand or model but the internal layout won't be much different from what you've ordered.

Once you've found that board take a good look at it. This is where that 18VAC is rectified and sent through regulators to give the board the actual voltages it needs to operate. As you can see in my instructable my mixer has 3 regulators. Can't remember what voltages they offered. I do know if your mixer offers Phantom Power that somewhere in there it converts that 18VAC to 48VDC but only offers about 2mA.

Let us know what you find when you open the unit up. It would make a great instructable.