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Would this Tesla Coil work? Answered

I am wondering if this DC powered Tesla Coil will work.


The MadScientist

Best Answer 8 years ago

I think the Duty cycle of the timer chip needs to be higher and you can't use a 2n3055 a IRFP450/60 will do the job.

Look at this site it will explain how the circuit works. (Don't copy the circuit off that site you will get a voltage way higher than what you need, reduced duty cycle on the sites circuit would fix that problem).

Other than that the TC circuit looks fine. (Maybe I wouldn't ground the TC to my circuit).


8 years ago

The primary spark gap resonator looks normal and is driven by an igntion
coil with isolating inductors feeding energy to the spark gap.
  • The NPN 2N3055
  • VCBO = 100V not very encouraging
  • Ic = 15A
  • IB = 7A
  • Hfe = 20min 70 max DC gain may be more @ lower gate drive
  • Means only saturate 6A @ 20Hfe and possibly 15A @ 70Hfe
  • Because a 555 can deliver 300ma
  • Power dissipation = 115W with huge heat sink.
  1. I don't see kickback protection for the power NPN
  2. Or a 470uF across the source 12VDC power.
  3. The door bell is a poor switch.
  4. I would tie the ignition coil ahead of the bell switch.
  5. And move the ground connect to the NPN emitter to avoid upsetting the 555 with a ground loop.

8 years ago

Is there a precedent for that design of HV driver?
What coil structures, chokes, capacitors and SG do you propose to use?