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Would this work as a flanger pedal for a guitar? Answered

I am wondering if the would work as a flanger guitar pedal. For the variable inductor, I am planning on using a hand wound coil similar to one on an old crystal radio(quaker oat box one)



Best Answer 8 years ago

Nope, that's not a flanger. A flanger is a more extreme version of a phaser, which splits the guitar signal in two, delays one part and re-combines the two signals, now out-of-phase.

You've drawn a LR circuit, which is incomplete as far as being an effective filter. I suggest you search for LC filter (or LCR filter) to find more about using inductors in audio filter circuits.

It is possible--the Gibson Varitone control used an inductor together with various capacitors for a tone control. Although in general passive LCR filters usually attenuate the audio signal more than one would like...