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Would you tell me please, How can I do Memory Card with USB Port? Answered

Dear Sir,

I want to use Memory Card without Card Reader.
I wanna join it with USB port. I can't do exactly as I can.

Please let me know it is get or not and instruct me.



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11 years ago

Unless you have a very special memory card that talks to a usb port natively, it's not going to happen.  For all intents and purposes you NEED a card reader.  Thankfully they can be had for less than 5 dollars online (shipped).

I recommend ebay or www.dealextreme.com to pick one up.  Don't get suckered into a 20-30 dollar card reader unless you are desparate - and if you do, return it when you're done :)

Think of usb as a language.  Each memory card has a different language to talk over the data pins -- SD is different to CompactFlash, is different to xD, is different to MemoryStik.  If you don't have the reader, it won't work to directly connect anything.

*There are some memory cards the break open and reveal a usb connecter directly built in.  They are more expensive and hard to find, but they exist.  Also, many memory card peripherals have a usb mode to read and write the card like any other disk in a computer. (think psp or digital camera)