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Resin help! - Wrapping paper came off/marked resin on pendants - How to rescue/polish off? Answered

I made these 4 pendants with pictures inside a bezel filled with resin on top, and though two pendants are fine, the other two must not have been totally dry and the wrapping paper came off a little on the resin and looks very bad. It was a present so I want to try to get rid of the paper somehow, I thought maybe by polishing? I have no idea how to polish it and I'm just afraid of using a polish that is not fine enough and leaving a misty/cloudy appearance, it is suppose to be very glossy. Would really appreciate any help thanks! :/




Best Answer 5 years ago

You'll want to start with say a 400 grip sand paper and work your way up to a 6000 grit before trying any polishing compound. Gotta smooth everything down first. Each progressive grit of sand paper will make the lines of sanding finer and finer till your down low enough that a polish and buffing wheel can finish the job.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks. I ended up managing to get rid of it with a very fine metal polishing cloth. Luckily the residual paper was a very thin layer.