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Writer Support Group in your area? Answered

Has anyone been part of a support group for writers?
What has been your successes?
What would you like to see improved?
Do you go often?

I started a support group for writers that meet in the Twin Cities (Minnesota).
Calendar can be found at www.Meetup.com/WriterPower


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9 years ago

I've chatted with an author or two, let them read some of my scribblz, and generally just get the odd raised eyebrow, polite cough, and my work either a) handed back to me or 2) deleted. LOL Even had one editor tell me my writing style will probably be more popular (ie, marketable) after I'm dead. Gotta love that.

Wouldn't mind meeting up with some like-minded individuals (like-minded??? If your mind is like mine, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME!!!), however there's this annoyingly large stretch of country-side (and several states) between our locations. Good luck finding other writers, though! (they're generally found in dark corners, scribbling furiously with pen/paper/impliments-of-choice, and have a tendency to growl if not approached with both hands visible. And laden with NutterButters.)