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X box 360 disc problem- The laser disc quit playing games. Answered

I called the company and they said it was off waranty but that the laser disc needs to be realigned. Is this something that someone with computer knowledge can do for me at home?




10 years ago

If you cant fix it....its incredibly easy to replace your drive! just buy a new one and pop the old one out and put the new one in! i was suprised when i saw all this xbox custom stuff in my xbox and this 1 generic cd drive sitting in it! If you cant get it sent in i recommend you take it apart and figure out what kind of drive you need.


Answer 10 years ago

It's not quite that simple thanks to the 360's firmware key. Replacing a DVD drive in a 360 requires you to purchase the exact model of drive you're replacing, even down to the firmware revision, and then taking the drives to pieces so that you can swap firmware boards around. It's not super complicated, but it's not just a case of replacing the dvd drive with any old generic, off-the-shelf drive.