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XPEDIT - Looking for Collaboration Answered

https://www.instructables.com/id/Xpedit-Device-for... For my upcoming adventure journey, i planned to build a handheld device that helps me to monitors temperature, humidity, air pressure, and altitude. Also, an alarm can be set for any of the parameters go beyond a user-defined threshold value. The device is powered with 1000maH lipo battery, with a backup of 72 Hours continues running! Consider this project for sensor contest, if it deserves! For the next version of this project, IAM looking for Collaboration, let me know anyone is interested!

Edits : Collaborators welcome If you go hiking in your spare times, Any field of expertise are welocme if you are interested ...



21 days ago

My Casio watch does all this if I want it too and it runs on solar power.
I might have some ideas for the next version in terms of sensors and if you are good at coding for an app to monitor what is happening on your phone or tablet.
A nice upgrade might be to integrate a GPS receiver.
With that altitude no longer needs to be calibrate to the air pressure and you could store details about the trip for later use.
When it comes to it feel free to pop me a PM ;)


Reply 19 days ago

Firstly your Casio should be expensive and it is not affordable for some people may be most. If you did hiking to high altitude phone and tablets are not usable there no networks and mostly your phone or tablets are not weather sealed it becomes an unusable thing there. you can just take just GPS coordinates not altitude. In higher altitude areas GPS altitudes are not accurate. that's why i removed GPS from my device instead of looking into integrating high accuracy sensors. Not focusing on any mobile apps, it will be not usable in high altitudes. am planning to build a rugged and weather-sealed atmosphere monitoring device with more features.