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Xbox 360 Mouse control via a PC. - Could it be done, and does anybody want to do it? Answered

An idea and a question.
Firstly. I have acquired an Xbox 360 ( oh yay.. ) but being a pc gamer, I never use it due to the control limitations. I can't kill anything with a paddle, whereas with a mouse I cannot be stopped. :]

Now, I've searched and searched, and there are hardware modifications to allow the use of a mouse, but these are out of the question for myself and many others as I'd imagine.

The idea:
What I would like to do, or see done, is have a PC with software on it, and an adapter of some sort or another to run from the PC to an Xbox 360 USB port
( serial to USB data+ and data- ? )
The PC software would make the Xbox see the pc as a controller, from there the software on the pc could take inputted signals and output them to the xbox as though it was a regular controller. 

I realize the software could be a fair challenge to make, but it would make some of us PC gamers fairly happy, being given the chance to whoop the buts of those on regular consoles. 

The Question:
Is anybody reading this capable of writing the software and making an adapter, and if someone is, would they be willing to do it?

Perhaps an Xbox controller's signals could be monitored and mapped by watching the controller's output over USB. I am unsure if there is software to do this but I'd bet my house and left leg that it could be done via the Linux command line though.. ;)

Would it be possible to connect two serial connections directly with the two USB data pins? A setup with minimal hardware would be ideal for most, if possible. ( referring to the things you need to build )
 ^ - would it be fast enough?

Any input would be appreciated. 


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8 years ago