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Xbox 360 RROD Fix: My Heat Sinks Wont Heat Up And My Fans Wont Start!! HELP!!!!? Answered

I followed some guys instructions on how to fix rrod, my heat sinks wont heat up and when i plug in my fans they wont start, PlEASE HELP! + i live in Australia so i dont know where to get thermal compound, pleazz help!!!



8 years ago

I'm sure you will get an answer to your problem i you can supply a little more info such as: Did the fans stop working after you tried fixing or before? When you press the power button what happens? Lights? how many? What color are they? The more info the better. Good luck.

and no there is no thermal compound substitute. If you do manage to get it to turn on make sure to turn it off right away since there's no compound on the processors.


8 years ago

Well, that's the first time I've ever heard anyone complain that their coolers were too cool...

It's a power problem, what have you done to it?



8 years ago

Any computer repair store will sell you a tube of thermal compound - but if it rrod'd and your attempted repair had no effect it's probably toast :(