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Xbox 360 controller rapid fire ,, testing,, GTA4 Niko Belic twiches Answered

just joined, because of your post about rapid fire mod.  I am doing it now, but noticed when i use one wire to touch the two sodering points, that niko belic in GTA4 just twiches like he is going to shoot , but never does,,, wondering if I should hold off on soldering because of this.. herd that some people have a problem with new batteries,, iam using new batteries now.. so i have the resister, went out and bought an older matrix controler, d21, just like your pics. so everything is fine,, iam just at the testing faze using one wire to touch both soldering points from your instructions,, but again when i do this in game play not online,, niko belik twiches really fast like he is going to shoot but no bullets come out.. please let me know what you think.. thanks


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