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Xbox 360 headset loop? Answered

One thing I am working on is looping the headset speaker back into the mic. This way it plays everything you hear back to the game. You may wonder why in the hell anyone would want to do that? well, this is for those Really annoying people or kids with really annoying voices(squeakers) When they start being annoying or making sounds, I can plug the modded headset in, so they can hear just how dumb they sound. I took apart my headset and there are 4 wires, 1 blue, 1 red wire, 1 white wire, and a bare wire. the red and blue wire go to the speaker, and the bare wire and white wire go to the mic I've googled more about it and it seems the white wire is a ground so does that mean I just solder the blue, red, and bare wire together and I'm done? thnx for any help you can give. (P.S. Yes the Picture is correct, the bare wire looks red, but is really brass, and the black wire is really red, with a plastic enamel.)



10 years ago

why do I need a capacitor there? Is it for smoothing? So the does that mean I should connect the white wire to the red or blue or both. and leave the bare wire hanging?


10 years ago

the bare one should be earth and the white is the signal from the microphone

to get started try to place a capacitor (~ 0.1 uF = "104") between red and white or blue and white. one of them probably is going to have some effect

if there is too much noise try smaller capacitor

if its too weak try larger

for better quality more complex circuit may be needed with some resistors etc