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Xbox remote power ON Answered

I have a softmodded original xbox, and it is located in my basement. It is a huge pain to go downstairs just to turn it on. I am looking for a solution. Originally I had planned to do WOL (wake on lan), but the nic doesn't support it. All I have to do it have something that acts like the front button: bridges two wires momentarily. Any suggestions



9 years ago

You need to just get a rc w/ reciever and just wire it in


10 years ago

why do you want tot turn it on from a distance away? you could just buy a RC kit on ebay (1CH remote) which consists of a relay on the recieving end. The remote works up to like 600 feet away. I bough a 4channel version for my tesla coil and I've very pleased with it. a one channel costs about 12 dollars including shipping.