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Xbox wireless controller and MCE remote keyboard receiver - will they work together? Answered

I have a media center remote keyboard and media center remote.They use a USB reciever attached to the PC. Can I connect an xbox 360 wireless game controller to my PC using this receiver? Both are Microsoft products, so can i expect them to work together without spending any more money? Or do I RELUCTANTLY have to buy the xbox 360 receiver too? :(



8 years ago

You do need to buy the receiver for the xbox controllers. The xbox uses a its own propitiatory type of wireless connection. the controllers have sync they must go through before they will work. the xbox, or receiver have a small button you press that will send out a signal, they controllers do the same. But the controller sends info to the receiver like id code, this how you can mulitple controllers to one receiver. Unless the media remote and keyboard use the same type of signal and can be synced, you have to buy the receiver


10 years ago

if they use the same signal then theoretically yes..but the drivers might not exist and such..just try it, you can't exactly break anything