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Yanosuke Hirai Answered

Here's another one of my occasional notes on Engineers  and engineering ethics.

Yanosuke Hirai


Hirai was responsible for insisting on the design of a sea wall which prevented another Japanese reactor being destroyed by the 2011 tsunami, and also for ensuring that, as the sea recedes sharply AFTER a tsunami, that the water intakes were placed so that cooling water could still be maintained.


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9 years ago

Good one !
Celebration of Engineer's Ethics after the passing of  the man is a well deserved and a rarely recognized honor by society..

West coast of Canada and USA have tracking coordinators to monitor the
post  tsunami flotsam material now entering our shores including an
unmanned partially fueled crab harvesting vessel a hundred miles off
of Canadian shores now making its appearance.

Different materials owing to the winds and tides arrive at random times.
Radio activity is more informaly reported and hidden by a government
in a spin.