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Year 12 System Engineering final project idea Answered

hey guys!
i am in need of your help

For my year 12 Systems Engineering class we are required to make a electronics project, which will account for 90% of our grade.
only problem is i am stuck for ideas. in previous years, enteries have been things such as: RC boats, Home made vehicles, model functioning elevator, rc helicopter, arcade machines (which i did like very much :D), air hockey and even miniature rocket launching pads ect. 

any ideas will help, if there is a link on instructables that would be even better :D

note: my teacher gets off over things with sensors so if the project has them it might help, but personally i couldnt care less.


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9 years ago

"my teacher gets off over things with sensors" - disturbing...
Build a "love-tester" - it's function is entertainment and that is what you measure it by. Add lights, noise and sensors - easy.