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Yellow Fever Vaccine Question Answered

OK, big trip coming up, all the Kite Boys (including GrandfatherKite) are off to Kenya at the end of July.

We'll be on safari around Samburu, Lake Naivasha, Treetops, that general area.

We've had a bunch of vaccines already, and have our malaria tablets ordered, but we haven't had Yellow Fever vaccines yet.

Here's the thing - should we?

I've had conflicting advice from medical professionals (one said I need it, one said no need), probably down to a lack of experience in the area, so I'm wondering what you folk have to say.

Yes, I know that free medical advice on the internet is frequently worth less than you pay for it, I'm just after some opinions or pointers on the risks vs benefits.

Are the probable side effects worth it, given the potential risk involved?



8 years ago

>reads Wikipedia article<

"Mild flu-like symptoms" in Britland seems preferable to yellow fever in Africa.


8 years ago

Does your center for disease control recommend or require you have it before your travel http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/kenya.htm ? You may not be in the area where are likely outbreaks.

Caitlin is going to Ecuador but in her case will not need it because she will be in the big city and not in the Amazon jungle.


Reply 8 years ago

And there are far more nasty things like ebola or something I would be worried about looking at the health advisory for Kenya.