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Yet another unidentified tool Answered

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what this tool would have been used for?

The fine wire is spring loaded.

I was thinking perhaps a pricker for an old gas or kerosene lamp light to clear the aperture, or maybe a paint gun.

Seems an over complicated device if it is what it was used for, but i guess it protects the wire by retracting it.



10 days ago

Thanks guys for the feedback. On closer inspection, it does appear that it did have ink in the chamber. I remember indian ink used to leave a black coating on the surface. I was wrong though with the needle retracting at rest. It is the opposite. I tried your suggestion filling it with ink, but couldn't get any to come out the needle end.


Reply 9 days ago

Get some acetone or nail polish remover and soak it in the stuff.
Should remove the ink residue and allow function again.
Some inks dissolve better in alcohol, so if no luck try methylated spirit.


10 days ago

I am not 100% sure with this specific design but I have seen others similar to it.
Give it test:
Take some ink - the old stuff we used for writing ;)
Fill a bit into the part above the needle and srew the cap back on.
If you press down gently, the needle should retract and a bit of ink comes out.
With no ink at hand you can just try some water with a bit of food coloring in it ;)
The idea behind the other tools like that I know is to be able to make very fine marks, mostly for machining purposes.
If what you call a wire is actually a replaceable part that it could also be a manully operated tatoo "gun".
In that case the screws on the top will be to adjust the amount of ink that comes by the amount of air they let back in.