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Yin or Yang? Which is going to be the easiest transition for my Dauschund, Millie? Answered

I have a miniature Dauschund hound, Miss Millie, who is 3 years old. This is only my second ever dog, so bare with me please. Like any other wiener dog, she has personality up the wahzoo. Never have I nor my husband ever heard such a vocal canine. she's got spunk! But then I digress, sorry about that. Anywhoos, we run our business here at our house, actually out in the garage and basement. Millie will have nothing to do with either structure /room, so she ends up sleeping a lot inside the house. The last thing we want is for her health or well being to suffer, so alas....my question : When bringing another dog around an established territory of another (especially a Dauschund! Lol) Will the relationship develop better with a female pup or should we become looking for a stud puppy? Any help would be appreciated. My husband wants another girl, but I think it will make things harder for everyone involved. Please just confirm my answer, LOL, and I can be on my merry way. But seriously ,HELP!!



4 weeks ago

If they get along then does not matter.
If they don't then the sex is of no concern either.
Two girls are usually fine and establish a ranking within two or three days.
With a male it can be a bit tricky if the male wants to be dominant - keep in mind Milie is the boss right now.
It might help a lot to take Millie for a date.
You will see clearly if she bonds with a friend and then just take home who she likes most ;)