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Yo-yo Friction Stickers - are mine "used up"? Answered

I bought a Duncan Mosquito yo-yo 2 days ago, which is the first one I've owned that has a ball-bearing axle and friction stickers. I have been pleased with the long sleep times and pretty good response. Lately, however, both of those have been not so good. The sleep time is okay, although it is somewhat weaker. It seems my string is sliding off of the yo-yo and not getting enough friction to give it extra spin. The previous problem may be related to the following one. When I bought the yo-yo, the friction stickers (which are rubber) were coated in a somewhat sticky substance. After playing with the yo-yo and examining it every now and then, the substance has worn off, and there is no more of it to speak of. My yo-yo has experienced an extreme decrease in response, except at high spin speeds. Although I have learned to bind, I would prefer my yo-yo to respond at least a little bit. Are my friction stickers already ruined? I'm not a pro, so I don't guess I played with it too hard. Is there anything I can do to "fix" my stickers? Thanks, and good luck to all who enter the contest!



10 years ago

K, Your using duncan right??? No offense, but they really suck.... get kentaro, make your own. To tell if it's dead, look on the sticker, is it all cloth??? or is there still rubber?


11 years ago

Sah, does anyone know about this?

fungus amungusBran

Reply 11 years ago

Since I don't think that many of the yoyo entrants are checking this forum, you might want to ask one of them directly. See who has been responding to comments and try them.