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Your site is blocked from my school district Answered

I am a middle school teacher and your site is blocked by my school district. I don't know all the criteria for blocking a site but the main guy replied to my request to get your site unblocked with, "The first thing I type in is sex and this is what came up." While I do believe in your rights to freedom of speech and I laughed at what came up, I have to think is it appropriate for a 1st grader? Yes the things that came up possibly should be taught to middle school kids so they know what is going on, but the things that came up don't have anything to do with my curriculum. However many other things from your site do have a lot to do with my curriculum and I think they will get kids interested in electronic and tinkering in general. Is there anyway to eliminate some of the questionable content or even have a copy of this site in a strictly PG version? Thank you,


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12 years ago

Thanks for your comments! At the moment we require members to be 13 or older, so that's the age we consider for appropriateness. We have had a number of requests for a 'PG' version and it is absolutely under consideration. Technically there are certain difficulties with this so I can't say for sure when we might get there, but I do appreciate your concerns.