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Z-5500 Led's blink to music [HELP] Answered

Hi! I got a question about led's beating on music.
I got 3 of the same sound systems (logitech z-5500) and i want to add some led's for effect.

I've seen some tutorials about soldering it to the + and - but i dont want to do that with the sub because of the music quality.
I want to add 60 led's. orange, blue and white and i want them to work from a external power suply.

How should i do this? Cause i cant find any instructable on how to do it with a mic.


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11 years ago

haha, you probably looked at mine, and yeah, you wouldn't wanna do that to a nice sound system.

well, what you could do is setup an opamp to the sound before the whole speaker system, and just use that to drive a transistor to drive the LEDs