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Z35 Assault Rifle Review Answered

Ok so I built the Z35 assault rifle to day and I thought why not make a review for it.

-Comfort 6/10(the handle was really flimsy)
-Range 9/10(I got around 65-70 ft flat with 2 strands of 32's tied together)
-Power 8/10(when I shot my hand it really didn't hurt to much)
-Accuracy 8/10(the gun is kinda accurate)
-Reliability 9/10(the gun is really reliable)
-Body Weight/Balance 8/10(the gun is kinda heavy it helps if you include the carrying strap)
-Magazine 9/10(never jammed for me)

So I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a blue rod mag fed gun or just an assault rifle.=)



9 years ago

Thanks for the review, I don't know if you built it or not, but the trigger guard strengthens the handle.


Reply 9 years ago

ya i built it without the trigger guard ill put it on there sometime soon