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Zip car card RFID location? Answered

I just got a Zipcar membership and received a card, which I assume has an rfid tag to unlock the doors. Does anyone know where the tag is, so I could punch a hole in it (to attach it to a keychain)? Or how I could find out? Thanks!




9 years ago

My solution, for what it's worth, was to put the card in an outer compartment of my wallet. The car will happily read it right through the leather, so I don't need to fish it out. Much easier than fiddling with the card. Slap wallet on car, car opens, done.

(At least, that's usually the case. Some readers seem to be a bit weaker than others and closer proximity does seem to help them.)


10 years ago

A strong magnet may help you locate it since the RFID tag will likely have metal in it. Yes, using a magnet is safe for an RFID chip, no data is stored magnetically. Alternatively you may be able to angle the card so that a very bright light reflects off of it and you may be able to see a small indentation or surface fluctuation in the plastic where the RFID tag may be molded in? My guess is not near any of the corners so you'd probably be safe punching any one of the 4 corners, but again just a guess.