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Zombie Costume Question Answered

I am working on a soldier zombie costume, but people keep telling me that I look like a nazi soldier. They have me worried that my costume will be in bad taste, but I am not so sure as there are no actual nazi symbols on my costume. Should I risk looking like a nazi or should I try to distance myself from that? If you think I should distance myself from that, how would you recommend doing that? Some have suggested that I embrace it and wear a red armband, but with a mocking symbol, like a smiley-face or a peace symbol, a sort of mild satire.


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11 years ago

Really, I'd say there are enough Nazi-zombie movies/games/references out there that if people are going to assume it anyways, just because you're in a soldier's uniform, you may as well embrace it. But if you're worried about the connotations, mockery is an easy route to take, definitely. It would help take the edge off of any hesitations people may have.  (But seriously, you're a zombie. People should be hesitating around you anyways, right? XD)

Mostly, it depends on where you're going to be wearing this: A private party with friends? Go for full-blown Nazi zombie, especially if any of them are game fans, you'll probably be assumed to be referencing something like the Wolfenstein games, look it up and use it as reference to refine yourself a bit.

A public setting where people may not be in on any jokes? Might want to just make certain there are -no- symbols on you what-so-ever, be they Nazi, American, or anything else (-someone- might be offended at anything, if you're worried). Even with that said, do a quick google search on different uniforms. Every army looks different. Maybe your outfit is just in German style, and you'll need to add or subtract features to change it up: a different hat/helm, or maybe a different kind of pants. That sort of thing. Having no pictures, I couldn't give you exacts, but hopefully this will help you take a step in whichever is the right direction for you. The most important part is that you're comfortable with your zombie costume. It's supposed to freak other people out. ;) Good luck, and have fun!