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Zombie hunter - a game for long car trips Answered

For as long as I can remember a long road trip with the kids meant playing some games to kill the time.
For years we tried spotting special cars, like original beetles or a rare color like yellow.
Then came phones and tablets and the kids went silent.

We now found a quite entertaining game we call Zombie Hunter.
A zombie in this game is a person using a mobile phone.
Points we tried to keep simple in the beginning but now that little ones are getting batter at math we advanced.
Here is a little points list:
1 For every pedestrian on the phone or a passenger in a car.
2 If said pedestrian ran into something or had a fall because of the phone use.
5 For someone on a bike using the phone.
10 points for a driver using the phone.
15 points for a policeman using the phone while driving.

Half an hour stuck in city traffic can get you well over 100 points even with 4 people playing LOL
My favourite areas to make quick points:
Stops at the traffic lights - always some good points to make.
Stopping somewhere near a drive through and you are certain to get 30 or so points if you are quick.

If the kids are still little and you go often to playgrounds there is another nice game.
I call it Lost Child.
1 point for every parent who obviously lost sight of their kid(s).
2 points for every parent missing to realise their kid(s) is about to have an accident of fall.
3 points for every parent just sitting there and staring at a screen instead of interacting with thier kids.
5 points for every parent running around in panic trying to find the missing kid(s).
An additional point for every kid you can collect and keep out of harm until the parents notice they are gone.

Have fun playing but don't become a point yourself...



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