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Zune to Ipod socket connector Answered

I've just got a ZUNE, love it, but all MP3 accessories seem to be made for Ipods. Has anyone seen a adaptor from Zune to Ipod accessories?


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knex hater hater hater

dude, just jet an ipod. zunes are total ripoffs of the ipod by the competing company microsoft


Reply 11 years ago

And you think Apple hasn't "ripped off" other companies as the Ipod has evolved? All companies everywhere take ideas from each other and IMPROVE upon them, that is all Microsoft has done with the Zune, is capatalize on the media player market to improve profits and expand business, they just so happened to create a more advanced player for that current generation (don't bring iTouch into this, it is in it's own generation, soon to be joined by zuneHD)