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a useful safty product Answered

I have an idea or two and wonder if there is someone who would like to make these ideas into products that can be sold or bought by a company that wants to corner the market.  first idea: a tool used by bicycle shops to help change tires on bikes.  second idea: a safe room for the worker of a jewlry store in the event of a robbery in progress. third idea: same idea as No. 2 but adapted for secure entry into a building when being threatened. fourth idea: a new adventure ride for disney.


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6 years ago

Here's a link to a homemade tire changer for motorcycle tires which I believe could easily be 'adapted' for bicycles.


This is not a discouragement, but with the simplicity involved, you may have an idea that is inexpensive enough to grab a lot of customers and many who may be just avid bike riders.

My brother used to work in a jewelry manufacturing place in our hometown a number of years ago. It was like a vault. Problem with robberies is you don't know where you'll be when it happens, so getting to the safe room seems to present some problems. Most jewelers just let it happen for their own safety and the cops and insurance take care of it afterwards. The thief doesn't want anything but the goods in almost any case and more often than not, doing it after hours with a rock on glass and being quick is the MO most often seen.

Disney? I wouldn't even try to figure that one out. I go there almost every year for at least a week, or sometimes on a Disney cruise. IMHO its the best vacations I've had in every aspect. BUT, I'm curious as to your adventure ride idea. God knows I love the rides!