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about crossover? Answered

i decided to start my own project  ---"a portable 2 way speaker with Bluetooth"--- but i have some doubts, if my woofer hit from 60hz to 10 kHz and my tweeter hit from 3.5 kHz to 20 kHz, what do you guys think my crossover should do its magic ? at 3.5 kHz or at 10 kHz ??

Or maybe any point from 3.5 kHz and 10 kHz is ok?  

or im wasting the woofer capabilities if i cut around 3.5khz when it can reach 10khz

thanks beforehand


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5 years ago

.. Here one example of what I mean by woofer


And the tweeter


I probably won't use those, but my objective is to understand the sweet spot to make the crossover do its work..

To put another example.. Imagine I have 2 full range speaker from 60hz to 18khz and decided to use one as low and the other as high... How would you set the crossover.. Or you would leave the speaker work the whole range in both ..??

Or it would be better a subwoofer and a tweeter ...??

It looks like I have a tons of questions because of so muchsentences :/


5 years ago

Subwoofers or just bass speakers usually can't work properly at higher frequencies.
I assume you have a wide spectrum speaker and a piezo tweeter!?
Without details (technical and electrical) about the speakers and your filters it is impossible to answer.
Might be easiest to just try it with different frequencies to check where it sounds best.