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about electricity generation? Answered

i want to create a electricity by moving two wheelers ????how???tell me plz




5 years ago

Well you can actually use just any electric motor you find, if you spin the shaft that connects to the armature what will happen is you'll disturbed the magnetic field and cause an electrical charge to be produce as a by product...

Grab a small motor (I usually get mine from broking game controllers...) and take the wires that normally feed the electric charge into the motor, and hook them up to a small light... LED might work...

Anyways, spin the part of the motor that usually turns when it is powered with your fingers... Even with no battery hooked up the light should power on, though possibly only dimly using just the electrical charge of the motor...

Same concept aplies with even larger motors, yet some I think lock up for safety reasons when not powered so they would be useless... If you need power generation on a larger scale look into acquiring an Alternator, possibly from a scrape yard, they are also more efficient anyways.

Hope this helps!


5 years ago

You have seen this ?