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accessory hose? Answered

How/Can I replace/clear the accessory hose in my unit? model #V3880 I inadvertently vacuumed up some liquid marinade and now the tube is clogged.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

Well, sort of as a first step, I suggest removing the hose from the rest of the machine, so you can inspect the hose and figure out where the clog is. From the videos I have seen, e.g.,

it looks like the hose is on some kind of reel that coils it up into the machine

I dunno. Maybe you've already done that step?

Anyway, once you find the clog, it ?might? be possible to break up the clog using a piece of stiff wire long enough to stick down the hose, and sort of poke and scratch at the blockage. Also, maybe hot water might help, to break up the clog, or to clean it out once the clog has been broken up by the wire.

Alternatively, you might be able to just replace a length of the tubing. I don't know for sure what material the tubing is, but it looks like clear plasticized vinyl, and they sell that stuff in hardware stores, in the plumbing section. You might be able to find replacement hose. I am guessing the hose is just press fit onto the other plastic plumbing inside the vacuum machine